“What now, Lord” ~ by Bonnie J. Wallace

I am Guest Posting for my friend, Tracie Miles today for the Bible Study to her book, Your Life Still Counts: How God Uses Your Past to Creat a Beautiful Future. Come on over, leave a comment, and be entered to win one of two nests pendants from me! (Because you really are a beautiful Sparrow!)


After committing 21 years to serving God, my family and the church, I was blind-sided when the cancer diagnosis came. I looked back over the struggles of my life that included teen depression, broken marriages, single mother-hood and the serious illness of a child. It didn’t seem fair that life could possibly end with the wicked disease of cancer as if it were all for nothing.


Because of my struggles, and my love for Jesus, I had a deep need for God to use me for His glory and to purpose my heartaches to count for more than themselves. It was at this point I started asking, “What now, Lord?” and for three years He’s been calling me to step out of my comfort zone, open my eyes, and “SEE”.


For me, “see” is not just a word – it is a theme, a goal, a message and a need. It’s a call to witness and take part in the very labor of God. It’s a command that carries great blessing; an awareness of Jesus’ sovereign hand in everyday life. It’s an opportunity to interact in Spirit and Truth in every conversation and connection. It is a witnessing of God Almighty in the big and the small – a noticing of Kingdom unfolding through divine orchestration.


Psalm 84:7 tells us God gives strength in numbers –

They go from strength to strength,

till each appears before God in Zion.


In this verse, the Israelites are making a required journey to Mount Zion, the place where God dwelled. They had to pass through the Valley of Tears before reaching the place where they would worship Him and rest. Along the way, they would strengthen each other by calling out, “Come! Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Together, they sustained one another with words of encouragement.


Jesus has taught me that all things are committed to Him, including our daily grind. God’s purpose of glory does not supersede the day in, day out of ordinary life. The hope of a Savior intertwines Himself no less in the grocery store, restaurant, coffee shop or ball field. The Almighty’s power is not weakened in the act of running errands, laboring over a desk or working the hourly job. The Deliverer’s guidance is for those of us who live our lives within 30 square miles, and for those who make their home on the beautiful mission field.


Emmanuel is present on a huge platform and in the orchestration of the mundane and plain.


God is teaching me to step out of my comfort zone every day by sharing the hope He’s given me. Before leaving my car, I ask God to open my eyes and give me a Truth that needs to be heard. I share simple promises I’ve learned from my past: God is with you. He hears your cry. He knows your heart. Jesus loves you. You’re not alone. He sees you. God’s waiting for you.


Each time I speak a Word, specifically directed by God, tears fill the eyes of the one I am speaking to. This Beloved knows God is with her because He’s offered her exactly what was required. Our encounter perpetuates an outcome in her, too. She knows that God is aware and that He is coordinating her life as well. As a result, more praise is given to the Lord of All. A precious life finds her own purpose as she tells others of the meeting we’ve shared; an intentional passage of the Father’s presence through me to her. Hope ripples as the message goes forward.


I wonder what life would be like if we stepped out of our comfort zones and gave the woman right in front of us the strength God has given to us in our past. I believe we would all feel comforted, lifted, seen and purposed by the One who calls us His own. I am dreaming of a time such as this as I imagine the possibilities of us changing the world, One Woman at a Time.


Beautiful Sparrow, your daily purpose is great and your territory is vast. Your ordinary appointments are divine and they are carefully orchestrated by The Alpha and Omega. His sovereign hand is the perfect arrangement of Hope meeting need. Will you give it a try, step out of your comfort zone and experience the joy of being purposed right where you are?


Practical Application:

Make a list of Truths you have learned about God in your past struggles. Step out of your comfort zone, pray and ask God to open your eyes to the women in your everyday world.

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Strength to strength,





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