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Julie, her spoon hovering over a pot of simmering vegetables, paused in the middle of dinner preparations and straightened. The boys’ voices carried easily from the other room, and as she listened, one of the young men avidly described his entrance into local cult worship in Milne Bay province. The other Maiwala boys prodded him to learn more, and as he shared, Julie began to pray. Lord, how can I reach these boys?

Once dinner was ready, Julie invited the boys to join her. “But first, before we eat, I want to tell you a story.” And as they listened, Julie brought to life the Biblical story of the Israelite nation and their rebellion against God when they worshiped the golden calf. When she finished, the room was silent, and Julie, smiling a little, merely handed the boys their bowls and bid them eat.

Two weeks later, Julie heard that another group of boys had sought out their friend who was involved with the local cult to learn more, but he held up his hand. “I knew,” he admitted, “but I’ve decided to stop.” The other boys pressed him, but he shook his head and explained he had heard a story from the Bible about a golden calf. “The story is still in me; I can still remember [it]. When I go to do other things, I feel like God is speaking to me since I heard this story.”

He paused, then looked them straight in the eye, “I know that there are no other gods—just God himself.”

Photos by Tim Scott

- See more at: http://www.wycliffe.net/stories/tabid/67/Default.aspx?id=5060&pg=2&library=T#sthash.cW1A3nZJ.dpuf

What is The Campaign for Possible? by Woody McLendon, President of JAARS

“Bible translation is underway in more than 2,100 languages, and nearly 1,900 more are still waiting. Translation for every language community will take many years of work, by thousands of people—while millions wait for their first experience of Scripture in the language they understand best.

So we invite you to join us in The Campaign for Possible, a campaign that seeks people, just like you, whom God will raise up to reach more individuals, families, and communities with his Word. There are many ways to participate—noted here—so please pray with us and consider sharing this campaign with others. And if he touches your heart to help for the first time, or in new ways, we’d love to hear from you!” (Read this letter in its entirety, here)

Beautiful Sparrow, If God is tugging your heart to use your gifts to End Bible Poverty, I would love to talk to you further. Please email me!

Strength to strength, One Woman at a Time,

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