Your Yearning for More is Proof of God’s Presence ~ by Bonnie J. Wallace

A woman's heart longs for  confirmation

For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose.

Philippians 2:13 (HCSB)


As followers of Jesus, I believe a woman’s greatest desire is to be used by God. We cry out for purpose in being part of the plan that brings hope and life. We long for an awareness that the day-in, day-out of mundane tasks count for more than money, a clean house, laundry tackled and meals prepared. We want to know that loving our husbands and suffering long over our children is not in vain and that our actions carry weight. We pine for our duties to be validated with the power of God’s presence and our efforts to be held up with His power.

Your heart has been carefully crafted to care for your husband, children, parents and friends. Your soul has been designed to be concerned for those that are close and for those who suffer from injustice on the other side of the world. You carry your own burdens and the sorrow of others; a double portion that is evidence of God-strength in you.

Without effort, our desires oblige us to lend a hand and say “yes” before “no”. They urge us to not only do more, but to BE more.

And what is it we long for? What keeps our arms stretched out with hands that reach hard and wide for more?

It’s the confirmation that our labors are validated by God’s presence, through the execution of the Holy Spirit.

At the moment of our conversion, we tasted the glory and freedom given through Jesus Christ. At the foot of the cross our eyes were opened to the intentions of God in our past, present and future. They became proof of His purpose revealed. The chains of aimless effort were broken and our souls were thrust into the guided goal of making Him known.

Beautiful Sparrow, your longing is proof of God’s active presence and purpose in your life. It is the Spirit dwelling within you and your need is God perpetuating more of Himself in your life.

I pray you Live Like You Know …where you are going.

Strength to strength,


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