Open Wide to Receive What God Has Prepared

This week I am sharing some of my favorite posts as an offering to the sweet, Mother’s Morning Out ladies of my home church in Charlotte, NC. These women inspire me with their hunger for Jesus, their commitment to love their families God’s way and their servant-hearts that reach out for others. These ladies? They give me great hope for the generations to come and they make my heart sing!

when I lengthen the cords and stretch wide

Enlarge the site of your tent, and let your tent curtains be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your ropes, and drive your pegs deep.

Isaiah 54:2 (HCSB)

I am a mid-life mama who is desperate for God and what He has in this new season. The children are moving forward and there have been times when I’ve thought my best was in the past.

In this new part of my journey Jesus tells me to remember His mighty deeds and reflect on the work of His hands; the ones that bear my scars. In looking back, I can see the faithfulness of His cause for me; the one that is grounded in Son-sacrifice.

I see the years of childhood rejection and I remember receiving salvation as Jesus sealed my 11-year-old, earthen vessel. He rushed to my soul because He knew the immeasurable grace that would need to come.

I reflect on that young self who fell into a pit of despair and attempted suicide at age 16. I can picture God, with a grieving heart, reaching down from heaven and holding back death. He has been patient with me as I have learned to receive His life of joy.

I think back to the 23-year-old version of me and the struggles of being a divorced, single mother and how I received God’s manna. I recall this woman who, at 25, married again because she desperately wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. And how God fully received my longings because He understands the love of parent and Son. Six months later this young mama was divorced again because a woman who marries for less than love can only suffer – and so does her child.

When I was 28 I came to the end of myself and said, “No more me, Lord” and I received the breath of His Holy Word that said, “I will forget the shame of your youth and I will be your husband.” Within a short period of time, the Creator gave me a man like Him; a forever-husband who would save me from self. And God, in never-ending blessing, filled our quiver full with four more babes.

I remember my six-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with a serious illness, and how I received the peace that passes all understanding.

Most recently I recall the cancer that grew in my breast and how God Himself soaked my shaking soul with the knowledge that, with Jesus, cancer never wins.

I have always been on the receiving end of God. And now, the Lover of My Soul says, “It’s time.”

Time to take those remembrances and receive what He has next for my life. I am to drive those spikes deeper in the ground of Who I know Him to be: the faithful reality of







My stakes are made from a life-time of God-provision born out of soul-need.  They are a desperate cry for more Jesus and bottomless trust. They are a confident, faith-response to known love that has been proven and they are the wanting for what comes next in this journey with Him.

The One without limit, tells me to drives those pegs to unimaginable God-dreams and crazy-possibilities because He is the giver of nothing less.

And God tells me to, “Open wide.”

Because when I lengthen the cords and stretch wide my tabernacle of faith; the tent that will never be moved and whose stakes will never be pulled up, and I draw back the curtains to receive what has been prepared, I will see what no eye has seen, hear what no ear has heard, and experience what no mind can imagine.

I am in a new season and my years are expanding to new territory.  I do not know the details of what lies ahead but I know Jesus’ faithfulness in my past has always been proof of His goodness in my future.

With God, the best is yet to be – He gives nothing less.

Beautiful Sparrow, God is calling you to push further into the depth of His faithfulness and to open wide the covering of His love. He wants you to pull back the curtains of established favor and receive the harvest of what has been prepared. You are a woman with a history of God-experiences and you, my friend, have been readied to be the blessing-beneficiary of the work, to Who the work belongs.


Jesus, I remember Your mighty deeds and the work of Your hands and that You have been the Faithful Giver in every crevice of my life. Help me enlarge the site of my tent and stretch out my curtains wide. Help me drive my stakes deep in Your faithfulness and not hold back so I can receive the mighty gifts You have prepared.

I pray you Live Like You Know …where you are going.

Strength to strength,

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