God tells me, “SEE”

Changing the world ~ One Woman at a Time

I have been praying for a single word from God; one that sums up His desire for 2015. I am in need of simple and clear.

After much prayer and seeking He says, “SEE”. It is not just a word – it is a theme, a goal, a message and a need. It is a call to witness and take part in the labor of almighty God.

This year I want to catch sight of God at work. I want to have an awareness of Jesus in the everyday – every interaction, conversation and connection. I want to witness Him in the big and the small; a noticing of Kingdom unfolding through divine orchestration.

And so I am looking for Him;

His story,

His grace,

His mercy,

His compassion,

His love.

And this year I will be writing about it, here.

Jesus has impressed my heart with a deep understanding of ministry purpose – not to the masses, but to the woman right in front of me in my every-day world. She is the woman in the grocery store, serving my table and parked in the car rider line. She baristas my coffee and cashiers my purchase. This Beloved labors beside me at church, at work, in loving husbands and children and friends and neighbors, She is often unseen by the world, but never by God. She and I have knitted together for One reason and His Name is Hope. Our roads might appear as if they’ve crossed haphazardly or by chance but the truth of the matter is they’ve been intricately designed by God.

My word will require much at times; when life is dull or hard and the world and God don’t make sense in my human eyes. Because seeing, really seeing, is all about the unseen. It is an active choice of believing-faith; a decision that in and of itself begins with God and His perpetual giving.

And so I ask two favors of you, my friend: First, will you tell me how I can see YOU? Will you send me an email so I can lift your needs and celebrate your victories? I am keeping a record of those who allow me a peek into their world because there is a story being told in friendship and connection; a vital part of His tapestry unfurled. Second, will you pray for me to see? Will you ask God to open my eyes to the needs and work in, through and around my life?

You would bless me so very much!

Let’s Live Like We Know …where we are going – One Woman at a Time.

Strength to strength,

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