In-between the Rains

~Monday’s Mid-life Mama~


Therefore, brothers, be patient until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth and is patient with it until it receives the early and the late rains. You also must be patient. Strengthen your hearts, because the Lord’s coming is near.   

James 5:7 (HCSB)

I am a woman seeking God-purpose and like many women I know, I am in-between; in-between the rains.

I have been through the early rains of youth and young married and child-rearing and husband supporting; those days of growing and pouring life into those I love 24/7.

I can anticipate the late rains that are coming too; the ones of golden-years if God chooses to provide.

It is the in-between that is difficult.  When I am caught midway between beginning and glory with one foot planted in the past and one in the future.  I straddle the fence of what was and what is to come.

In our humanness we measure time by our thoughts, needs, and desires.  We grow impatient with the process of God and want our reward before it is ripe.

And Jesus, in His faithful kindness, tells me He is here,

with me,

for me,

 in me,



He is like a farmer caring for His crop; tending to its need, nurturing, pruning, and giving life-water.  God will go the full cycle until all is complete and I receive His best.  He is keeping watch over my life and when the time is right, a harvest will be reaped.  The yield of His gathering will be great.



The Beginning,


The End.

Jesus:  a constant perpetuation of Himself.

We count time as long because we measure it by our own thoughts, needs, and desires.  And when we want to give up because we want the fruit that validates our labor now? God says, “Take heart. It’s coming.”

A thousand days are like one to God and His Kingdom is at hand because eternity is always being worked out.

Jesus wants us to live with a heart that knows our reward is coming.  He wants us to live with a joy that is rooted in hope, and steeped with anticipation, of what lies ahead.  And He desires us to know He’s in the middle of it all.

I am praying for you, Beautiful Sparrow, who is on the same journey as me.  I am praying we will live with an excitement of God-possibilities and adventure in our mid-season and that we will be aware of God’s tender care in-between our rains. I am asking Jesus to strengthen our hearts with the patience and hope that comes from the knowledge of precious fruit coming.  And I am seeking  His peace as He harvests our souls.


Jesus, strengthen my heart with the knowledge of Your care in-between my early and late rains.  Thank You for tending to me so that precious fruit will be harvested from my life in the proper time.  Give me patience to know You are always near and that salvation is at hand. Amen.

I pray you Live Like You Know …where you are going.

Strength to strength, One Woman at a Time,

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