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Christian Mama,

I am over the moon that you are here! I believe everything in our lives is a divine appointment set by God and our being here, together, is no accident. We have been reserved by the Lord Himself and knitted together, in this very space, so we can strengthen each other in the Truths of God’s Word because you know what? We’re not finished! No ma’am! We’ve got exciting work to do for the Kingdom.

I’m a crazy-in-love-with-Jesus and His Word girl, mama to five, wife to Scott.

After 24 years of loving a husband and a commitment to raise children God’s way, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer. I said, “Really God? All that for this?” My children were moving forward (and out of the house) and my husband was thriving in his career. Mothering as I knew it was dwindling. Starting a career was out of reach and there was the very real possibility my life would end from a wicked disease. Can I be honest? It felt like the woman who gives up everything, ends up with nothing.

That’s when God gave me my “Ah-ha!” verse from Psalm 84:5-7

Happy are those whose strength is in you,
whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.
As they pass through the Valley of Tears, they make it a place of springs;
the autumn rains also cover it with pools.
They go from strength to strength
till each appears before God in Zion.


Joy comes to me when I rely on the Lord and I am blessed because my heart is set on living life God’s way. I will go through some hard stuff here, on this earth, but God sustains me with Living Water from heaven. He drenches me with love, grace, mercy and the power of His Word. He gives me strength in numbers, too – other women to lock arms with on the journey. Together, we encourage one another in the faith to keep our eyes on Jesus and the place we’re going. And even though some of us might arrive at the Throne tired and worn, not one of His will be lost!

I’m in a new season with God. I’m watching and wearing out the knees in my jeans as my children move forward in life, relationships and work. I’m loving aging parents that remain and grieving those who’ve entered the Kingdom.   I’m discovering new things about myself and my influence over my family. I’m thinking about re”fire”ment, finances and how marriage will look in the future. I am seeking His desires for ministry, work, church and friends.

I’m eager for this season because it causes me to rely on my Savior more. This new territory? I’m going to embrace it because it’s a new and exciting adventure with God! Because the woman who gives up everything? She ends up with everything …and more!

Some other stuff about me:

I am a 7-year Breast Cancer Survivor living in the hopes and promises found in Jesus Christ. I am hopelessly in love with my husband, Scott, of twenty-four years. We are blessed with five amazing children: Trey – 29, Will – 23, Christian – 22, Lillian – 20 and Joshua – 18. We have a fur-baby, too – an 18-month Labradoodle named Tucker. I’m a comfort-foodie and my favorite place is the beach. I am dreaming big things for myself and the women God loves.

Opportunities I do not deserve and have not earned:

Author, and weekly teacher of Give Me This Day, Fulfilling God’s Purpose, Right Where You Are to 130+ women at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte.

Devotional Writer, Encourager and Team Leadership Member of Women Leading Women, an online community of over 5,700 women.

Book Contributor and Online Bible Study Facilitator of over 500 women for Proverbs 31 Author and Speaker, Tracie Miles’ Your Life Still Counts.

Ministry Assistant to Proverbs 31 Author and Speaker, Lynn Cowell.

Devotional writer for The Seed Company.

Professional Life Purpose Coaching certification by Dr. Katie Brazelton, former Research Assistant for Pastor Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life.

(in)courage leader for community groups, Finding Life-Purpose and Mentoring Moms.

Keeping it real

  • Life always looks better on a blog and the only perfect thing you’ll find in my home is God’s Word.
  • Everything I say is what God wants me to hear.
  • I’m a woman, on my knees, daily seeking Jesus’ presence and purpose for myself and those He loves.

 Strength to strength,


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