Bonnie J. Wallace

I am a trained Professional Career Coach and a certified, Professional LifePurpose Coach from Dr. Katie Brazelton, and her triple accredited Life Purpose Coaching Center International

I’ve had the awesome privilege to speak to over 1,000 women in the areas below. With the Holy Spirit’s Leading, I would be honored to craft a message designed specifically for the women in your group. Please reach out to me at


A Heart Set on the Journey

We’ve been born with a longing for God. Scripture describes it as a thirst; a stretching of our hands toward Him in a parched land. Through God’s Word we will see what it means to have our hearts set on God and His ways. We will gain a perspective of this life, in light of our heavenly home, and we will understand our craving for God means We. Are. Blessed!

The Reality of God’s Presence and Purpose

Have you ever doubted the presence and purpose of God? This session will help you to remember, and record, the mighty deeds of the Lord. You’ll see how God has used your difficulties for His purpose and your own. You’ll learn, and identify, that each valley has an extreme and opposite Truth in Jesus.

We’ll look to His Word for the promises of your future so you can live with bold confidence for today and you’ll understand how the Lord’s strength is given to you, each step of The Way, until you receive His ultimate strength – the one that overcomes death, and you see Him Face to face!

God’s faithfulness in your past, is proof of His goodness in your future!

Fulfilling God’s Purpose, Right Where You Are

Part One of Two

Have you ever wondered if your day-to-day, mundane tasks have an impact for God? Or if your calling, within 20-square miles of your home, is “less-than” the woman who is summoned to a far-off country or lead to heroic deeds?

If you’ve ever doubted that God is big in the small, or present in the ordinary, this session is for you! This time together teaches there are no random acts or haphazard crossings with God. Jesus wants you to know that every connection, online or in person, is a Divine Appointment that has been strategically coordinated for your participation in His plan.

Part Two of Two

Every in-person connection, tweet, gram, email, text and notification are an opportunity to speak God’s presence and hope into someone’s life.

God tells us to speak to one another with Psalms and Spiritual Hymns. This session gives you the practical “how to” of Giving God This Day and Fulfill His Purpose, Right Where You Are. You’ll learn how to recognize the woman God wants to reach, through you, and how you can speak to her with Psalms and Spiritual Hymns in a few simple words.

You will be given tools and resources to help you reach the women in your every-day world.

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