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“Bonnie Wallace is a beloved sister in the Lord! Through this deep valley she has walked, I have seen her grow in faith and perseverance. She has handled this cancer in an amazing way, beautifully testifying to the grace of God, the peace of Jesus Christ and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. She is allowing God to pour out His treasure from her earthen jar to bless and comfort others. Bonnie has a passion to encourage women to keep their eyes on heaven and live in the reality of seeing Jesus face-to-face. I love Bonnie’s heart and count it my joy and honor to have her as a member of our Steele Creek Church of Charlotte family.”

–Kelvin Smith, Lead Pastor of Steele Creek Church of Charlotte


“Bonnie Wallace is one of the dearest, most genuine women of God I’ve ever known!  She has a unique gift of making everyone around her feel special, unique and important.  Bonnie is that special person who always puts others above herself.”

–Shari Braendel, Founder of Fashion Meets Faith and Author of Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad


“With a heart that really gets the struggles of today’s women, Bonnie empowers others to find God’s mercy in the middle of the messy. As a cancer survivor and mother of 5, she comes alongside us and our desire to grow more like Jesus, showing us how in simple, every day ways we can all follow.

Lynn Cowell, Proverbs 31 Author and Speaker


“The courage in Bonnie Wallace is undeniable, the strength in her enviable. And the pureness of joy that flows out of her sincere desire for Heaven, that alone draws you to want more time with her. Bonnie ministers to a hurting heart without trying, with a comfort that can only come from one who has gone before.”

–Jo Ann Fore, Author of When A Woman Finds Her Voice


“I am absolutely marveled by Bonnie’s blogs, which have become a part of my weekly devotional times. Even during days that I’m not able to read the blog, I move them into an ‘inspirational’ folder in my outlook email so that I can unwrap and enjoy the special gifts later. Her words are like a breathe of fresh air to me – they strengthen, when I’m waning in weariness; and they empower me when I’m soaring. I especially love the scriptural passages she shares which further uplift my spirit! Thank God for this precious Daughter, who inspires us to LIVE like we know!!”

–Sherry A. Waters, Stewardship Coach
The Koinoiah “Planting seeds of stewardship and personal responsibility”


“I have been following Live Like You Know for about 3 months now and find myself anxiously awaiting Bonnie’s encouragement to start my day/week. In fact I miss her insight on Thursday and Friday! What a blessing to know we all have a friend/sister in Christ who not only loves us like Jesus does (without even knowing us) but has been where we are and is praying for us and with us. So thankful for Bonnie and her unique insight in God’s Word and how to love.”

–Jenni Wirt, devoted email subscriber


“Bonnie’s heart explodes with love for Jesus, and she pours it out through her writing, serving and speaking. She is just as truthful in admitting her need for grace as she is in meeting women right where they are… and extending grace-filled acceptance and comfort. The Word is the basis for all Bonnie shares from her heart and her life as a mama holding on for the ride in midlife. Be blessed by her words; be inspired by her teaching.”

–Lee McCracken, Breast Cancer Survivor and Author of A Prayer And A Pink Pedicure


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